A Kangen Experience

In the very near future, Laura Fleming, Owner at My Water Bar, is opening her second woman owned business! She is on a mission to change 1,000,000 lives with Kangen water, one drop at a time!

mail@mywaterworks.com Location: 2325 Pottstown Pike, Pottstown, PA 19465

My Water Bar offers Kangen Water, a healthier alternative to tap/bottled water. Taste the difference.

My Water Bar is an offspring to Kangen Reading Water Store in West Reading PA! They will be offering Kangen Water to clients that want a safer water that doesn’t have chlorine/contaminants. Kangen water is electrolyzed reduced water and is able to hydrate your body 75% better than any other water. This happens from a medical grade device that separates the molecules allowing it to hydrate you on a cellular level.

Most see skin changes soon after starting Kangen water! Many reviews state the see heartburn, blood pressure, and blood sugar get lowered within days. Find out for yourself how this water can change your life, by visiting My Water Bar at 2325 Pottstown Pike 19465.

Oxygen bars offer customers a unique opportunity to experience the potential beneficial effects of inhaled oxygen. Their prevalence has increased in recent years, largely due to the ever increasing popularity of oxygen-based health treatments. Oxygen bars have many potential health benefits which have the potential to improve quality of life, particularly for those suffering from a range of conditions. This essay will discuss some of the major potential benefits of visiting an oxygen bar.

Firstly, oxygen bars offer an affordable way to boost one’s energy levels. Our bodies naturally produce only a small amount of inhaled oxygen; however, oxygen bar treatments can provide up to 18 times the normal atmospheric concentration. This has many physical and cognitive benefits, leading to easy and rapid energy boosts. Such energy boosts can help to improve alertness, reduce fatigue and safeguard against various health problems associated with low energy levels.

Secondly, oxygen bars can also provide overall mental health improvements. Doctors are increasingly agreeing that breathing oxygen-enriched air can reduce stress and improve focus. This is largely due to the calming effect oxygen has on the body’s nervous system, which subsequently affects one’s mental state and attention span. Oxygen bar treatments can also improve sleep patterns, leading to better sleep quality and more energy the next day.

Additionally, oxygen bars may have potential health benefits for those suffering from long term conditions. Studies have shown that oxygen can reduce symptoms associated with asthma and even reduce the recurrence of headaches. Furthermore, oxygen has been found to help improve respiratory health and reduce inflammation in general.

Finally, oxygen bars offer various aesthetic benefits that can help to improve one’s physical appearance. Studies have shown that oxygen can promote facial health, reduce wrinkles and improve skin texture. This occurs due to oxygen’s ability to stimulate cell growth and help eliminate toxins, leading to improved facial health over time.

In conclusion, oxygen bars offer a wide range of potential health benefits that have the potential to improve the quality of life for many people. Not only can oxygen therapies provide energy boosts, mental health improvements and assist those with long-term conditions, but they can also improve one’s physical appearance. Visiting an oxygen bar is a safe, easy and affordable way to experience these potential benefits.