Kangen Reading Water Store

Changing Lives

One drop at a Time!

Kangen Reading is a Woman Owned business in West Reading, owned by Laura Fleming, run by Laura along with her husband Rick Fleming. They’re offering customers premium water. This Kangen water penetrates your body on a cellular level, leaving it fully hydrated.

Rick bought their first Kangen water machine in 2016. After Laura experienced amazing benefits, they both started sharing water out of their home in Pottstown, Pennsylvania with friends and family, and ultimately became too much for them to handle. Laura decided to open a brick and mortar store in West Reading, PA in 2018, and quickly grew to more than 1000 people drinking this water within months.

They have continued to offer memberships for years, with many of their members taking ownership of Kangen water machines. Memberships include weekly educational events, weekly educational emails, and water testing along with unlimited Kangen water with purchased 1.25 gallon refillable water bags.

Become a Kangen Reading Member

We’re in the health and wellness industry, and we are hydration specialists. We help people realize the water they’re drinking has little to no benefit to their health. We work to team up with like-minded individuals that are looking to improve their health along with spreading health and wellness with the rest of the world.

Located at 402 Penn Avenue in West Reading! Memberships to experience this amazing water are available.

Stop up between Tuesday and Friday 12-7, and Saturday 10-3. 

What is Electrolyzed Reduced Water?

ERW is functional alkaline ionized drinking water containing Molecular Hydrogen (H2) which is known to have preventive & positive effects on oxidative stress-related diseases, scavenges Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS) and protects DNA. ERW can be found naturally around the world and it’s often called “miracle water” by the locals in Lourdes, France and Hunza Valley, Pakistan for it’s known “miracle” health benefits. 

The electrolysis process by our certified ionization systems takes water back to its origin and transforms the water the way nature intended, in its purest and most beneficial form. ERW hydrates the brain and body for increased energy, helps to detoxify, purify and lower the body’s acidity and it has been shown to improve a variety of health conditions and diseases!