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  • Migraines and Kangen Water
    Have you ever suffered from a Migraine or headache that was absolutely brutal? But instead, most people just take a pill and go to bed, that method does not hydrate, it is simply “symptom relief” and is unhealthy. Or they will drink water but they end up consuming water that is doing absolutely nothing for […]
  • ERW Machines and Their Benefits
    So why should you choose a ERW machine vs other water machines? After all, there are multiple brands that are actively advertising their products. Here are a couple of reasons I’d choose Enagic’s machine over others: What’s Up With All The Water Reviews? There’s an abundance of reviews for ERW water machines and controversy all over the […]
  • Your Amazing Immune System
    Do you take any of these drugs on a regular basis? Aspirin/Pain medication Cold medicines Allergy medications Antibiotics Ask yourself why would you take these artificial chemicals into your body? Is it because you lack a strong immune system or because you’ve been told you have to take drugs to stay healthy? Your body actually […]


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Before this dream was birthed, Laura suffered from chronic IBS since she was a teenager until finally she found herself in a doctor’s office having several tests done to see why she was having severe stomach pains at the age of forty-five. The doctor assumed it was just a bad bout of her IBS however, since Laura has a family history of cancer on both sides of her family, they decided to push for a colonoscopy. The colon doctor found 4 pre-cancerous polyps and that’s where the panic set in for the two newlyweds. Her husband Rick, always the researcher, has taken a more natural approach to healthcare but Laura would take whatever medication needed to stop her from going to the bathroom five times a day. After Laura’s diagnosis, Rick sprang into action to find something for his bride that was more natural to help her health. He found a medical grade water ionizer that looked promising so without telling Laura, he ordered it behind her back and was so excited for it arrive. Once it arrived, he had to convince Laura to drink the water because all she drank was green tea…no water. 

Laura was furious that he went behind her back but she was determined to prove that he made a terrible mistake so she started drinking the water. After drinking the Kangen water fresh from the machine for about a week, Laura noticed she no longer had to put her feet up at lunch time due the pain of her veracious veins. The pain and inflammation was gone. She kept drinking. After three months of drinking only Kangen water to her surprise, she had no pain in her legs, she lost ten pounds and she was REGULAR for the first time in THIRTY YEARS. She was hooked! So hooked that she wanted to share the water with everyone, so she told Rick that they were starting a business. They began sharing water with all their friends and with whoever would listen. 

Laura had a great idea and started her planning however this time, it was Laura strategizing behind Rick’s back. She wrote a business plan, found a small store front in West Reading and designed what she wanted the Woman Owned business to look like. Months later, she took Rick to the location and asked him if he would quit his full time job. He was just as excited as Laura so he said YES and their journey of changing lives by changing the water people drink began. Every three years, Laura must have a colonoscopy to make sure there are no changes, this time her doctor was shocked. He asked her what she has changed because he said her colon looked like a twenty year old’s colon! The only thing she changed… was the water she drank… Kangen Water.