ERW Machines and Their Benefits

So why should you choose a ERW machine vs other water machines? After all, there are multiple brands that are actively advertising their products.

Here are a couple of reasons I’d choose Enagic’s machine over others:

  1. Tried and true. Enagic has been around the block and created a large community of people who love and KNOW ERW water. Did you know that it’s the most searched brand of alkaline water?
  2. Japanese quality. Not many people think of this as a big deal, but I certainly do. After learning first hand how much pride Japanese people take in their work, I have a whole new level of appreciation and DESIRE for their products.
  3. Quality over empty talk. One of the biggest selling points for ERW water distributors is the the quality of the platinum coated plates, that help split tap water into Alkaline and Acidic flows. There are multiple videos of people taking apart machines from other manufacturers and exposing their “cheaply built” plates, which are often mesh, instead of a solid one. This speaks volumes about the quality, especially since those plates are what make the machine cost that much more. This brings me to my next point…
  4. Durability over time. Based on what I’ve seen in person and online, with proper care, ERW water machines can last for 20+ years. I’ve seen many examples of the complete opposite with some of the other heavily advertised brands.

What’s Up With All The Water Reviews?

There’s an abundance of reviews for ERW water machines and controversy all over the web, both good and bad, so who can you trust when you’re looking to buy a machine for yourself, your family or your workplace? Honestly, these days even the BBB and Consumer Reports are full of competitor sponsored reviews, who bash the products they’re going up against.

When you’re looking up reviews from different sources about a particular company like Enagic or a product like a ERW Water Machine, Leveluk 501 for example, be sure to understand who’s behind the review (competitor website, competitor’s company, sales people trying to push their product, etc…), basically see if they might be biased.

One way to spot that would be to look for an affiliate link, taking you to a website like Amazon, where you can purchase a similar product, let’s say another water ionizer.

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Why switch your water? IS water really JUST water?

When it comes to reported benefits, there’s a lot of people claiming that after drinking this water for over a week at recommended quantities (0.5 gallon or about 2 liters per day minimum), they notice things like:

  • Mind Clarity
  • Boost of Energy, without crashing (unlike energy drinks)
  • Better and Deeper Sleep
  • Improved Hydration (since your body absorbs ERW much better)
  • Skin Glow
  • Thicker Hair (for those who had issues)

So those aren’t necessarily health benefits, but more of lifestyle improvement.

Don’t care what I have to say about it? Then check out this video, it ain’t me talking:

Different Types of ERW Uses and Benefits

According to Enagic’s official website and my personal experience, there are 5 types of water that ERW machines make:

  • Strong ERW (11.5 PH Most Alkaline)
  • Drinking Water (8.5 to 9.5 PH Alkaline)
  • Neutral, Clean Water (7 PH Neutral)
  • Beauty Water (4 to 6 PH Slightly Acidic)
  • Strong Acidic Water (2.7 PH Most Acidic)

Each type of water has specific properties and can be used for different things in and around the house.

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Strong ERW Water – This highly alkaline water has very interesting properties and can be used for:

Cleaning (instead of chemical and other household cleaners). Use on kitchen counters, stovetops and other greasy or dirty surfaces.

Food Cleaning and Preparation – Due to its unique properties, strong ERW water is perfect for removing oil-based pesticides from store bought fruits and vegetables. There will be a video that demonstrates this, it’s pretty cool.

Stain Removal – For things like carpets, rugs, upholstery, hard surfaces and even clothes, however it is not a good substitute for bleach.

ERW For Drinking – All the hype is over this type of water produced by Enagic machines. Ranging between 8.5 and 9.5 PH, this water is perfect for:

  1. Drinking – Just as the name suggests, the optimal amount of water you should drink is your body weight in ounces, and that’s daily. For example: if you weight 150 lbs, that means you should drink 150 oz. (1.17 gallons) daily to stay properly hydrated.
  2. Cooking – It’s great to use it in soups, broths, stews and homemade sauces.
  3. Pre-cooking – Certain foods need to be boiled prior further cooking, and the ERW drinking water is perfect for that.
  4. Drinks – Anything ranging from lemonade to coffee and tea can be made with ERW drinking water. Fun fact: Both coffee and tea will taste stronger, due to the water’s smaller molecular size, a video demonstrating this will be posted once available.
  5. Watering You Plants – Even though I heard that acidic water is best for plants, Enagic’s website states that plants love the drinking water… I’d definitely test it, before going all in on that.

Neutral, Clean Water – Enagic’s website states that this type of water produced by ERW machines is “Free of chlorine”. In my experience, the machine itself does not remove all the chlorine, and a pre-filtration system is required in order to get all the chlorine out. So, what is PH 7 ERW water good for?

  1. Baby Food Preparation – That way you give your child clean water without going overboard with the PH stuff.
  2. Drowning Medication – If you’re taking pills, Enagic recommends taking them with this particular water, to avoid any negative reaction.

That’s about all the neutral PH water is good for.

Beauty Water – By design, our skin is slightly acidic, while all the soaps and body gels that we use to clean our bodies are alkaline, which means that after showering we’re at a disbalance. That’s where beauty water comes to the rescue. Here are some of the ways you can use it:

  1. Face Washing – Pretty straight forward… You wash the skin on your face with water that has a PH that’s close to your skin. Some people say it’s hydrating, others say it’s soothing and adds a certain glow to it.
  2. Hair Cleaning – Most people use shampoo and conditioner when washing their hair, so Enagic suggests using shampoo to clean and beauty water to condition your hair, to give it extra shine and avoid tangling.
  3. Clean Your Pets – If its good for your skin, why not help you pets be as clean and shiny? It’s recommended to spray your pet with the beauty water and brush their hair right after.
  4. Polishing – Supposedly, beauty water is great for polishing glass, mirrors, windows, etc. Nothing too exciting, but another way to use it.
  5. Preservation of Food’s Flavor Prior to Freezing – Another interesting way to use it, be sure to use 4 to 4.5 PH water for this. Supposedly spraying your food prior to freezing it, helps keep it’s flavor when it’s ready to be consumed.

Strong Acidic Water – The exact opposite of Strong ERW. Definitely not meant to be drunk! At 2.7 Ph this water can be used for:

  1. Disinfecting surfaces – Things like kitchen knives, countertops, toilet seats, door knobs & handles as well as surgical utensils! Personally, I would stick with alcohol, but apparently some hospitals in Japan use it exactly for that.
  2. Personal Disinfection – Dropped your tooth brush? Dip it in strong acidic water! Ran out of mouthwash? Enagic suggests using it as mouthwash, as long as you do NOT swallow it.

All of the above are some cool ways to use ERW Water, but the most popular is of course… Drinking Water!

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