10 Benefits of Kangen Water

Kangen Water Machines have the option to let you choose which pH alkaline water you wish to consume. The range is from pH8.5, pH 9 and pH9.5. The benefits of Kangen Water pH8.5-pH9.5 are more than just for drinking. Here are 10 benefits of Kangen Water pH8.5-pH9.5.

1. Use as drinking water

According to numerous studies, drinking water on an empty stomach in the morning cleanses the colon and speeds up metabolism. We suggest drinking 2 to 3 cups of water in the morning. Kangen Water has no unpleasant odor, tastes lighter, and has a pleasantly sweet flavor.

2. Prevents hangovers

Went for a great party and drank a little too much? Worried about getting hangovers? Try drinking 2 to 3 cups of water before going to bed to reduce the symptoms of hangovers.

3. Obtain wonderful flavors from your tea and coffee

Brewing Green Tea with Kangen Water prevents tannin in the tea and brews the tea with a rich color. Moreover, it eliminates the bitter aftertaste which in common in teas. Teas brewed using Kangen Water are delicious even when served cold.

Coffee brewed with Kangen Water improves aroma and color of the coffee, while preserving the naturally acidic taste of coffee. You can obtain a full, rich taste, even when using only half the usual amount of coffee beans.

4. Kangen Water draws out the flavor of the soup

When preparing soups, Kangen Water draws out the flavour of the soup stock, even when very little seasoning is used. It’s dissolving property draws out natural flavours of the ingredients.

5. Seasoning and condiments

Maintain the delicate flavour of soy sauce and other highly seasoned sauces by removing one-third to one-forth of the usual amount by diluting with Kangen Water.

6. Boiled foods

Pre-boiling vegetables such as burdock, onions, bamboo shoots with Kangen Water enhances the flavors of the dish.

Blanching spinach, string beans, broccoli and other vegetables in Kangen Water will preserve the vibrant green colour of these vegetables.

Boiling foods with Kangen Water allows the natural flavors of the ingredients to be drawn out and cooked to a tender consistency. Make sure to reduce the amount of seasoning, as lesser seasoning is required when using Kangen Water to cook.

Kangen Water Therapies

7. Better heat conduction

Kangen Water improves the conduction of heat, cutting down on cooking time, and lowering your utility bills. Take care not to overcook as your dish will be done more quickly than usual.

8. Use for planting and watering

Watering Kangen Water pH9.0 on plants and flowers extends the freshness and like of the plants. It also restores the health of sick plants. In addition, Kangen Water stimulates germination and improves seeding development.

Take note that certain varieties of flowering plants, trees and shrubs such as roses and blueberries, favour an acidic environment. For such plants, spray the stem will do.

9. Drinking water for pets

Your animals’ health will improve when they drink Kangen Water. Unpleasant body odours will decrease, as well as the odour of feces and urine. We fed our own pet with Kangen Water too. Check out our post here.

10. To maintain good health

Last but not least, through continuous drinking of Kangen Water, the acidic tendency of your body can be gradually corrected to an alkaline constitution. To improve your health, drink at least two liters a day in order to gradually change from an acidic constitution to a slightly alkaline constitution.

Getting good quality water can be as easy as having it available from your faucet. With the numerous benefits of Kangen Water, why not give it a try today! http://www.kangenreading.com

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