What’s H2?

(upper) an H2 good guy attacking two OH bad guys and (lower) turning them into water! Isn’t that cool?Kangen SD-501 has been shown to have the highest H2 production capability of any device on the market! The research shows over 300 peer reviewed studies on how molecular hydrogen H2, helps the body in ways you would never imagine. Since hydrogen is the smallest atom of all, it gets deep into your body and cells where it does miraculous things including the basic neutralizing of the very radicals that destroy our bodies slowly over time.  The photo above shows an H2 good guys attacking 2OH bad guys and turning them into water! Isn’t that cool?  Or cut an apple and watch how it turns brown. The H2 has also been found to help produce other antioxidants like glutathione, and is involved in cell signaling which is huge in helping with some of the most severer conditions in human health. The PhD said the hydrogen is only active in the water for 30 minutes after making and that drinking 1 gallon of Kangen water fresh daily will give “therapeutic” levels of molecular hydrogen according to the studies. Finance the Kangen K8 for 0 down and 0% interest for 12 mos.The K8 Mighty Antioxidizer. $55/mo The whole marketing world is jumping on board and over the next several years you will see all the pH water on the grocery store shelves changing to “Hydrogen Water.” There are already a number of products out. But the problem is, the hydrogen has a short life and you cannot put it in a bottle. By the way, the H2 is so small and penetrating that it will migrate right through plastic containers. This is why you must have your own machine and drink it fresh and carry it with for 1 day only in a glass bottle. So everything you see on the market in plastic and even in glass has no value. The charge will even dissipate in glass over a 1-2 day period. Remember the discussions on oxidation reduction potential (ORP)? How water must have a negative charge? Well as it turns out the negative charge (-ORP) of the water is directly proportional to the amount of molecular hydrogen H2 activity in the water in ppm (parts per million). Here is a footnote from one of the comparison tests:
“At a low flow rate (5 mL/sec), with the saline solution, the SD501 was able to produce a supersaturated hydrogen gas solution (2.0 ppm) with extremely low redox potential; however, other times only half of that concentration was achieved.” The normal is 0.05 to 1.5ppm so 2ppm blows all the others away and its there when you need it!  The Kangen unit will make water all the way down to -700 to 800 mV ORP and more. Why? Because Kangen uses the highest quality medical grade materials and the biggest and most powerful titanium platinum plates in the industry. Don’t let anyone tell you Kangen is old technology. Well it is old but its the best that will last and last, and like all natural organic food and substances, it is and will be highly sought after. The only problem is; do you understand? In order to become truly healthy, you must understand, believe and do. You must be able to know when others are incorrect in what they are saying. Even (and especially) doctors in many cases. Want more? Ask for the studies.       The difference between Kangen and others is like the difference between Mercedes and Kia. I wouldn’t mind driving a Kia but I would not want to trust Kia with mine and my families health. Plus the Kangen machines have demonstrated the longest life of any units on the market with 15-20 year average life. And these are actual statistics, not marketing expected or projected numbers like others put out. Anyway you can have the “Mercedes” SD-501 for as little as $44/month to start. Or the “White Rolls Royce” K8 for just $55/mo. Ask me how. SD-501 Platinum $47/mo With the highest levels of H2, longest life, and not to mention the other types of the water the Kangen units make such as the 2.5 strong acidic and 11.5 strong alkaline waters the others can’t even make, isn’t it time you seriously considered Kangen (hydrogen) water this year, in time for Christmas? It may even qualify as a tax write off for 2016. Ask me how. You don’t need drugs and alcohol. Take a hit of H2 in a slow draw glass of Kangen water every morning, noon, and evening, to keep you high on life and hydrated like nothing else can. The standard in the industry SD-501 $44/mo   PLEASE READ MORE AND ATTENTION KANGEN WATER OWNERS! You made a wise decision when you purchased your machine. I want to challenge you. This form of electrolyzed reduced water (ERW) will, in time, help to change the health of this nation which is in dire need. As hydration expert and water coach I have studied this water for years and it never fails to amaze me how perfect and complete the Kangen SD-501 and K8 units are, producing 7 types of water, you can sterilize with, cook with, clean with, beauty water and topical skin care use, good for pets and plants. Drinking water is only one, yet the most important by far.

These waters range from strong acidic pH 2.5 to strong alkaline pH 11.5. These are truly amazing machines made to last an average of 15-20 years and make by far the most powerful water of its kind on the market. We call it a “Little Japanese Hospital in a Box,” where Japanese hospitals and clinics around the world have used this form of water for over 40 years and Japan enjoys the #1 healthcare system in the world. One in five homes has this form of water in Japan (drinking to -700 mV ORP,* with enhanced cellular absorption).*ORP=oxidation reduction potential which measures the potential to reduce free radical damage in the human body and reduce aging.

Its also called hydrogen water, reduced water, or negative water in the Japanese studies and many studies around the world. Compare to the US at #39 on the list of healthcare systems (and dropping), where only one in 12,000 homes has this form of water, and where 50% males and 30% females will now get cancer in their life. We believe this is greatly due to the pure, yet highly oxidative (+250 mV ORP) and low absorption (only 15-20% cellular) water Americans typically drink. The 9.5 pH ERW, is so much more than mere alkaline water. This water has the ability to reverse the environment of the most deadly conditions in human health including cancers, heart disease, diabetes, arthritis, and so much more.

The photo above shows why:*Hydrogen ions OH- antioxidant (-ORP)*Active Hydrogen H2 antioxidant (-ORP)*Non reactive Oxygen*Small water clusters that fit into cells (80% absorbed)*Minerals pH 9.5This all results in a higher pH and negative charge on the water which is the evidence that the water is antioxidant. Contrast this with regular purified water the rest of your family and friends currently drink. Even if they paid a lot of money and think it’s healthy, it’s just not:*Oxidative (+ORP)*Reactive free radical oxygen*Large water clusters (only 15-20% absorption into the cells)*Most with minerals removed due to purification (pH 4-6) highly acidic, but even the more costly pH 9.5 waters remain oxidative and low absorption.

Drinking any water from a container results in dehydration, advanced aging, the chronic issues noted above, and more, not to mention the toxic plastic most waters come in. So do me a favor, please reach out to the ones you love most and give them some water and maybe text them a link or ask them if I could contact them. We haven’t even talked about the strong acid water (skin ailments, non toxic sterilant) strong alkaline water (cleaning) and beauty water (replaces costly beauty toners) the SD-501 and K8 units also make.

What you have there is an incredible device; a little “Japanese Hospital in a box.” Please don’t take it for granted and please, this holiday season take the time to tell someone. It’s a matter of life!
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Let me know if I can help in any way and from our family to yours!
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