More mesh plates are not better than less Titanium plates

The Lineup!

Kangen water benefits exist because alkaline water has real health benefits. I support Kangen by Enagic brand (see my article (what is Electrolyzed Reduced Water?). We do not support knockoffs that claim to be better than Enagic. They tend to go after the best, which is a clever way to get people to buy something that is inferior.

I can’t deny that drinking alkaline water has many benefits that can improve your overall health. The benefits of alkaline water are not just things like health maintenance, but there are cases where it may be able to help with on-going chronic illnesses too. Having a machine with mesh plates that claims to have more plates, is not the answer.

Many competitors claim they’re machines are better, but many use mesh plates, instead of titanium plates. They say “oh we have 13 (mesh) plates and the machines don’t even self clean”. Mold can grow in these machines. We have had people choose to go with a competitor, only to realize down the road that the water did not give them the same benefits as Kangen water!

Several studies have shown that alkaline water has a positive effect on the body. Here are the main Kangen water benefits because of the benefits of drinking alkaline water. Celebrities swear by Kangen water!


The pH (potential hydrogen) of a substance is the measure of the concentration of hydrogen ions water contains. Alkaline, while touted to be healthy, many times has baking soda and salt added.

The pH scale varies from 0 to 14. This is based on the concentration of hydrogen ions in pure water that is neutral. A pH of 7. A pH below 7 is considered an acid and a pH greater than 7 is called alkaline.

The more hydrogen ions present, the more acidic the solution and the lower the pH.

On the other hand, a lower hydrogen concentration means that the water solution is more basic and therefore has a higher pH.

Now the term “alkaline” is used interchangeably with “basic”, even though they are not exactly the same.

Alkaline compounds are things (for example, salts, metals) that, when added to water, make it more basic.

pH Scale

Water always contains a certain amount of dissolved solids (for example, inorganic salts such as magnesium, calcium, sodium and potassium,) that affect the pH.

The higher the dissolved solids, the more alkaline the water. The pH of the tap water is close to 7. While the water with more alkaline compounds has a pH of 8 or 9.

The notion is that alkaline water is sometimes medicinal. This makes it suitable for optimal health seems to be based on the conviction that acidic properties in the body and in the blood are the cause of diseases and should be neutralized. If this is true then it makes sense to believe that a more alkaline body leads to better health.


While there is plenty of proven scientific research, many advocates of alkaline water believe in the following benefits of alkaline water:

Green Plus Arrow

Alkaline water has extremely moisturizing properties compared to normal water. This can be a beneficial beverage for people who exercise daily and need more water in their body.

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Scientifically, the water molecules in alkaline water (as with water in general) are smaller and more easily absorbed by your cells, which helps your body regenerate quickly.

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Alkaline water contains many powerful antioxidants that can help prevent the growth of free radicals that damage cells in the body, which can accelerate the aging process.

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Some people say that alkaline water contains several minerals, such as magnesium and calcium, which are important for maintaining healthy bones.

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The benefits of alkaline water include increasing immunity. Your immune system can help neutralize the acidity in your body caused by stress, poor diet and environmental toxins.

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One of the key benefits of alkaline water is that it can help neutralize the acidity in our body by reducing the excess acidity in the stomach and gastrointestinal tract.

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I definitely recommend using Kangen as way to get your water. This is because the health investment is worth the price they sell them for and is essentially giving you the opportunity to share this water with others and sell them as individuals. This is not like the competitors who sell do manufacturer to consumer. With Enagic there is a lucrative compensation plan that promotes health, wellness and financial happiness. The reason Kangen water machines are more expensive is because it is a people to people network and you can be paid to share water and sell machines along with others who help as well. With competitors with cheaper machines, the manufacturers keep all of the profit.

It can’t at all be said that the Enagic model looks like a pyramid scheme. Enagic distributors sell the machines to people who want to enhance their health. If they choose to sell machines, they have that option. When the sell a machine up line receive part of the commission. They have a patented compensation plan.

It operates contrary to a pyramid scheme (more like a reverse pyramid scheme where only 8 points are paid) and this business model has worked to sell millions of machines in the USA.

This means that users of Kangen machines share water with other people and if they choose, they help them build their team.

The points end at 8 total ranging from $285-$340 per machines. The sharing never ends and only 8 people gets a thank you check from Enagic, which makes the product justifiably priced . Just like a car salesman, when a car is sold the salesman doesn’t get all of the money, everyone from the salesman to the manufacturer get paid.

There are also many amazing reviews of health benefits and extremely talented customer service when they need help with anything at all.

What’s KANGEN?

The benefits of Kangen water are numerous. Considering all the ways in which drinking Kangen water can improve your health, it is a wonder that more people have not made the change.

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