Congratulations for taking your health into your own hands and setting yourself on the path to wellness! We here at Kangen Reading Water store are thrilled for you. Before you begin drinking Kangen Water® be sure to make a note of your starting point. Print out the below version of the acidity self test, and put a check mark next to everything that applies to you.

What we often don’t realize is that our natural state is one of well-being, free of dis-eases and ailments of all kinds. As with most good things, we don’t appreciate its worth until we’ve lost it, and then it doesn’t take long before all of the ailments that settle in become our “new norm.” We are told by our doctors and others that these ailments are just the normal process of aging instead of recognizing them as the result of chronic dehydration, an unhealthy diet, lack of basic exercise and/or other bad habits. We can’t fault the doctors if they, like the majority of the population, don’t know any better.

But a funny thing happens as you start drinking Kangen Water®. Because your body’s natural state is wellness, as it begins the process of detoxifying and healing itself, you won’t always notice as the ailments drop away. Sometimes people forget they ever had the ailment or discomfort in the first place. And don’t be surprised if things you consider just nuisances, like patches of dry and itchy skin or your need to turn on the exhaust fan during and after your bowel movements, gradually disappear. So be sure to mark off anything that applies to you in the Acidity Self Test and set the completed form aside for later review.


  1. […] For more on how best to manage the detoxification process with Kangen Water® read the Getting Started with Kangen Water® page. […]


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