Enjoy a Hot Spring Spa Experience

Enjoy a hot spring spa with every shower!  It’s crazy, but most of us are unaware of our exposure to harsh contaminants every time we take a shower. One of the most concerning of these contaminants is chlorine. I’m sure you’re aware of the effects of chlorinated water on your skin with regards to swimming pools.

You shower and moisturize after swimming in a pool and even use special shampoos and conditioners to protect your hair from chlorine damage.  However, have you seriously considered the effects of the chlorine in your shower water on your hair, skin and even your lungs?

Chlorine attacks organic matter, it dries out the skin and can cause itchy, red rashes if an allergy is present. For sufferers of eczema, psoriasis and dermatitis, the chlorine in shower water can actually exacerbate skin woes. And, asthma sufferers may find that their symptoms worsen after a shower. 

Chlorine evaporates in shower water, settling in the lungs as you breathe in the steam. This chlorine steam can then accumulate in highly concentrated amounts.

Greenpeace. -Jan. Feb. & Mar., 1993 
A long, hot shower can be dangerous.
The toxic chemicals are inhaled in high concentrations.”

U.S. Council of Environmental Quality
“Cancer risk among people drinking chlorinated water
is 93% higher than among those whose
water does not contain chlorine.”

Installing a shower head filter, slathering on body lotion, and deep conditioning your hair are all temporary fixes. Each time you return to the shower, the problems start all over again. Shower filters are hit and miss at best and don’t filter out all of the chlorine, bacteria and other harmful substances. 

Whole home filtration systems are cost-prohibitive and no amount of lotion can help with dry, itchy, irritated skin. However, an Enagic ANESPA DX can solve the problem at the source and give you a one-of-a-kind, relaxing, rejuvenating shower experience unlike any other! Clean, Unlimited, Spa Experience… in your shower.

The ANESPA converts shower water into a 100% chlorine-free stream of ionized, moisturizing, mineral water that protects skin and strengthens hair. By utilizing a blend of natural hot spring stones and minerals from the world- renowned Futamata Radium Hot Spring in Hokkaido, Japan, you’ll essentially turn your shower into a hot spring spa treatment!

The stones that create the magic…

Tufa Stone: A mineral stone taken directly from the Futamata Radium Hot Spring in Hokkaido, Japan. This stone gives the water the same gentle and relaxing effect of a hot spring.

MIC Stone: Generates activated, mildly alkaline water, beneficial for skin.

Power Stone: Generates strong negative ions. These stones combined with the extremely powerful, long-lasting, internal carbon filter gives you the PERFECT water for the PERFECT shower!

The waters at the Futamata Hot Spring have been used for centuries to heal ailments, relieve stress, relax muscles, alleviate pain and cleanse the skin of harsh contaminants found in municipal water supplies.

Now, these healing waters can flow directly from your shower tap to cleanse, hydrate, nourish and relieve your chlorinated hair and skin.  I absolutely love this product. It’s changed my shower experience forever!

Don’t just take my word for it… 

Here are some recent testimonials from friends of ours who absolutely LOVE this ANESPA DX mineral ion, Home Hot spring Spa shower experience…

As you can see, this is a unique product and a truly wonderful experience, you’ll be hooked from your first shower. These machines have no electrical components and can last a long, long time. Plus, it carries a full 3-year warranty. You can’t go wrong!

If you’d like more information regarding transforming your shower into a mineral, Hot spring Spa experience, get in touch!

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