A Kangen Experience

My Water Bar offers Kangen Water, a healthier alternative to tap/bottled water. Taste the difference.

My Water Bar is an offspring to Kangen Reading Water Store in West Reading PA! They will be offering Kangen Water to clients that want a safer water that doesn’t have chlorine/contaminants. Kangen water is electrolyzed reduced water and is able to hydrate your body 75% better than any other water.

This happens from a medical grade device that separates the molecules allowing it to hydrate you on a cellular level.

Most see skin changes soon after starting Kangen water! Many reviews state the see heartburn, blood pressure, and blood sugar get lowered within days.

Find out for yourself how this water can change your life, by visiting My Water Bar at 2325 Pottstown Pike 19465.

My Water Bar will also be offering an state of the art Oxygen Bar where you will be able to have 100% pure oxygen administered to you via tubes.

Many see results quickly when inhaling pure oxygen. You will too! Ask about this when you visit!